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About the Grizzly Spring Fingers

No More Rock Jams, Lost Productivity, or Safety Hazards

Call 855-324-3500 for Sales and Distribution Information.

Manufactured by Dakota Equipment Manufacturing Inc. in Aberdeen, South Dakota,
our patented Grizzly Spring Fingers will improve operations in the aggregate
and mining fields with huge savings in time and money.

Specifically designed and forged for an Adjustable Spring Grizzly Bar Material Separator, the Grizzly Spring Fingers will eliminate 100% of rock jams and provide 100% clear passing material even in wet, sticky clay-like material. We have yet to find anything that is able to plug our unique product.

The Grizzly Spring Fingers installs directly over top deck media in medium-duty screens. Installing this way greatly reduces pegging and plugging of both stand punch plate as well as rubber, creating almost double the productivity in most cases. Repair and replacement are quick and easy – keeping downtime to a minimum.

After hundreds of hours of testing the product, we are satisfied that we have the best solution in the industry-specific to rock jams.

Call 855-324-3500 for more information

about our product